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Monkeehub Downtime

The more observant and loyal amongst you may have noticed recently that Monkeehub abruptly vanished leaving behind nothing but an offensive domain parking page. I feel you are collectively owed an explanation. I’ve been in prison.

This is, of course, not the real reason but sadly the truth is slightly less dramatic and concerns a crashed server, a crashed backup server, and a crashed artist (see photo right).

The site has now been snuggly relocated to a new server (yay) but is still devoid of new stuff (booo). A site redesign is being planned as I type and updates will be included.

Thank you for your eternal patience, and thanks also to those who got in touch to see if I was still alive/request to begin probate proceedings.

Laith Bahrani
Hard As Snails

Created in response to an invitation from Red Bull to produce a short film based on the theme of 'adrenaline', Hard As Snails is an animation featuring two thrill seeking molluscs. Naturally.

The film is to form part of a compilation of clips about adrenaline created by a variety of artists and will hopefully be broadcast late next year.

Click here to watch Hard As Snails.

Please note that no snails were harmed during the making of this film although a couple were laughed and pointed at.

Click to watch Hard as Snails
Creep Award

Based on characters from the Low Morale series Creep is a music video to Radiohead's song: Creep - acoustic version. Although it was created a while back it has just won an award at the prestigious Flashforward conference: an annual state-side gathering that celebrates all things Flash. Hoorah.

Creep won in the Art category and although I could not be there personally to heckle other winners, my acceptance speech was graciously read out by the very talented animator and Flash book author Chris Georgenes of

You can view the acceptance speech here by clicking the 'Laith Bahrani - acceptance letter in art category' item in the menu under the video box.

Thanks must go again to all involved.

Click to watch Creep
Low Morale shop

Help wage war against corporate oppression by spending all the money you slave to acquire on Low Morale ( T-shirts and knick-knacks. And don't worry about the potential hypocrisy of buying merchandise based on animations that have anti-capitalist undertones - it's subversive!

Click here to visit the Low Morale shop.

Click to visit the Low Morale shop
Interview Meh

I've done a fair few interviews in recent months, but none more self-indulgent and spurious than this latest collection of rambling retorts.

The interview was conducted by the lovely people at 3D-Total ( for a publication called '2D artist magazine' which is available for download from their site

Click on the image to the right to download a PDF of the interview and discover things about me and my work that you never knew, much less cared about.

( Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 7: download it here )

Click to download interview
Panda Island
Panda Island is a series of print illustrations, drawn by hand then coloured digitally. Click here to see the set and melt/retch at the unrivalled cuteness of it all.
Click to view Panda Island pictures
JCB video

After 4 million years of work, the music video for new British band NIZLOPI is finished. The video was commissioned back in January 2005, for the band's first single release - 'JCB'. As well as a music video, part of the project was to develop a micro-site and preview of the video to get some buzz going. The micro-site, did just that and has helped raise awareness of the band.

The full video is now complete and available to view from the site, or direct from this page :

The thumbs on the right are some stills from the animation. Click them for more pictures.

I'd like to wish the Nizlopi band the best of luck...they deserve every success.

UPDATE: The JCB music video wins 'Submerge Industry Award' in the category of 'Bestest thing ever'.

JCB video image 1 JCB video image 2 JCB video image 3
MTV buy Low Morale
Low Morale ( is a series of animations portraying one man’s struggle to cope with the soul-sapping, will-to-live draining, life-force mugging, morale crushing experiences of work. And MTV have acquisitioned a number of the episodes for use in a new MTV-brand campaign.

The episodes of Low Morale will be made available for download onto mobile phones, and a selection may also be screened on MTV. Special.

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